So what I’m getting is you are fond of short tight shorts. There’s nothing flattering or functional about oversized, ill-fitting shorts. Wear bicycle or nylon shorts to prevent chafing. Now I have to wear pants all summer! If you got chicken legs please do us a favor hide your legs and wear long pants. WRONG! Screw all of this, you all look like prep snobs trying to fit into a lifestyle that was never cool to begin with. But FYI, I’m gay and I found the story searching for pictures of guys in sexy athletic shorts. REAL GUYS, listen up & loosen up (not too much; there was extreme exaggeration in the a aforementioned pics), and dress like real men, not fairies in tights…. Just shows you the sad state our country is in now. Just trying to get a feel for what you mean. I’m glad shorter shorts are coming back in style for us guys. The other is the typical obese little league Dad with calves the size of my waist in baggy silk basketball shorts half way down his shins to blend with the equally baggy shirt in an attempt to hide his 50″ plus beer gut, and still try to look cool and athletic. Irony is, I look and feel great in my swimming trunks, which are quite short and fitted; probably several inchs (mid-thigh) above the knee. I would absolutely love it if someone could point out a SHORT and by these days standards FAT guy (yes Short and Fat store) where I can get a 38 inch waste and a 9 inch inseam and have shorts that still land just right above the knee. Thanks. Homo erotic behavior = form of erotic/romantic attraction toward the same sex. I have three pairs of the chino shorts. Looking for a little more coverage and control? For what it’s worth, I don’t recommend wearing short that go past your knees, even at your height. If you got chicken legs and want to wear shorts, be sure they go several inches below your knee. In those situations, the wallet will also go in the FlipBelt (and I flip the belt to keep everything secure). After awhile, I found that I could quickly and stealthily insert and remove things from my FlipBelt without anyone noticing. There is no right or wrong way. What is with the picture of you galloping around in the field??? I’d rather be a little uncomfortable and look way cool to my peers in school than to be comfortable and look like a dork and be shunned by my peers. Just make sure they’re small in scale (small dots or flowers). I haven’t actually tried their shorts. I’ve got to admit that they looked bad on me so I went shopping for casual shorts that fit my 5’6’ frame. But, the right pair of long shorts can be flattering, especially if you are happy with the bottom part of your legs. But I went to Kohls today and discovered some cheaper shorts I think you’ll like. I wear looser fitting shorts just above my knees that conceal the fact that I have skinny upper legs. Too tight and too short. Fair enough. But I can’t fit into these children shorts this blog is talking about here either. Since it kept everything secure and I found it comfortable to wear, I started to use it when I wore my casual shorts to carry my cellular phone and keys. Jon Dough, do you also wear “short sleeve” shirts with the sleeves down to the middle of your forearm? Each Bra Fit Expert holds two bra fit certifications, and are available to assist customers with fit and selection Monday through Friday 8:30AM-5:30PM ET. Additionally, here are some amazing tips that can help prevent hyperpigmentation in your inner thighs. And now, while I usually the first to say things look better on taller men (than my 5’9″ frame), I can universally say that shorts look good on know one. Nobody wants to see skinny toothpick legs, they look so silly. Really? Which means you saw it somewhere and clicked the link, or you Googled “how to wear shorts”. Go wear your stupid hip hop shorts with the length and bagginess similar to a woman’s skirt. That said, there’s a fine line between what fits and what’s too tight. This is just stupid! I also don’t wear jeans that are form fitting for this reason and I would love it if baggier clothes came back in style. Shorts should NEVER go past your knees, especially if you’re a shorter man. Usually, you can get them on sale for a good discount. What the??????? Anyway, sounds as though the shorts are the Perfect length for you….wanna buy them??? Casual ones that look worn/aged. I watched men start wearing boxers hanging out from under tennis shorts then blip, no more short shorts were sold in stores. On top of that, status is HUGE here, and how you dress conveys how people perceive you. I’m no Chippendale by any means but I ride bike and lift weights some and my legs look pretty good in my opinion. The farthest I venture out in them is a spot nearby where I can bash my tennis ball about for a couple hours trying to get properly fit again and keep in shape. Style is not a one size fits all kind of subject. Wear whatever the hell length you want. You didn’t like what you read because it doesn’t square with your baggy cargo shorts style. That said, being an older guy (69 now) and growing up in the country, when I was a kid we never wore shorts much because we were always in the brush, woods, corn, or just tall weeds. Not sure if i would wear them above the knee thats an old farts way to wear shorts in my opinion. WOW! I am 5’4″ wearing 5″ j crew shorts. I mean, besides crazy internet trolls of course. It was super long big shorts and pants. The 13 Best Men’s Chino Shorts (2021 Guide), The Best Breathable Fabrics to Wear During Summer, Suits for Short Men: Everything You Need to Know, Jeans for Short Men: Everything You Need to Know,,,,,,, The 10 Best Fall Shoes for Men (2021 Guide). Maybe you should move to Europe where all the guys wear capris and little fancy shoes. These are about 1-2″ above the knee, are available in multiple colors, and are often on sale. I think socks can be a simple way to add some personality (mind you, I equally dislike novelty/overly bold socks). If someone thinks I’m less “masculine” because I wear shorts above my kneecaps–welp sorry you feel so strongly about that. They have a dressier version that fit a bit slimmer on me though. Now I can wear shorts in the heat again. You may think I’m a freak or something, but I personally prefer when my shorts are wider at the end and not openly showing my knees (I also like cargo pockets), not only because I feel more confortable, but also because I think more form fitting shorts with bare knees look dumb on an adult man. I like running shorts with their 2 or 3 inch inseam. You have to be true to yourself before anything else. I wear cargo shorts and Dockers style pleated ones. Unfortunately, we have an culture now that produces perpetual adolescents who seem to think it righteous to childishly deconstruct norms. What you feel is correct should be the only thing that matters. That said there is a fine line however between fitting and too tight. Boxers are the second most useless apparel item after the neck tie — possible offensive section concluded. Bespoke vs. Made-to-Measure vs. Off the Rack: What’s the Difference? Of course inseams may vary due to the length of the person wearing them. Instead, wear nice-fitting boot cut jeans or pencil skirts, which both make your hips and thighs look more proportionate. I also prefer the utility of shorts with extra pockets, whether or not they’re of the cargo variety. Funny how a woman can have half her butt cheek hanging out and nobody says a word. It’s pathetic. They are called “shorts” for a reason. No offense, but I couldn’t get a 5inch inseam shorts slid up over my thighs and my 38″ waist breaks all the rules here I guess. Good luck because the shorter people below 5’9″ are so insecure that when it comes to them creating a great clothing store for shorter legged people they completely leave out us saps just above their needs. She showed up in a pink tied down top and skimpy denim shorts and just started bouncing up and down on my couch looking so fucking hot and sexy. Us rednecks would never wear such shorts that would make Uncle Jethro take us to the barn for an ass whoopin’. “David commented on How to Wear Shorts (and How Men’s Shorts Should Fit). But I agree that trimmer shorts are more aesthetically pleasing and masculine than long, baggy shorts. Other types of shapewear include pantyhose, camisoles, waist cinchers, and slip shorts. Dunno, maybe it has to do with attitudes with women, when we think instead that women have dignity, both with looser and longer or shorter and fitter clothes, we don’t longer project this on men as well, could be?, Doing so strikes me as either an attempt to show off, which fails, or in a related motivation, anexpression of insecurity. This happens when the leg opening (or circumference) or your shorts is a lot wider than the circumference of your leg. 5 inch is the max inseam length for shorts. That being said I’m 6 ft and love wearing my chubbies and also the polo classic fit 6 inch inseam shorts are nice as well. I have a measured 34" waist and 22" thighs at the widest. I normally wear pants with a 30” waist, but the waist size on the AEO flex shorts run big. Nobody wants to see skinny toothpick legs, they look so silly. The one thing I disagree with, Brock, is the NO cargo pockets. Personally, I’ve never found shorts at knee length or longer, to look good on anyone, male or female. I don’t think I’d be too comfort going shorter. But, what shorts work best at the gym?? I’ve seen people try to dress them up, but I think they’re VERY casual footwear. I’m 6’5″ 240lbs and personally would not wear shorts that are above my knees. I would say it’s personal preference. I think some guys can pull off the shorter shorts look better than others. Perfect for my body type. Cargo shorts are easily the most comfortable and handy thing to wear in the summer. Keep the affected area clean and dry. Seriously though, you look like you’re about to head off and sell insurance on a mid summer day. It works the same for heavy guys too. I like these shorter shorts on me. It does the same for heavy set guys, too. Again, think of other people’s comfort level. What do the ladies think about the subject? Meant to say “pockets” — my shorts are not on strike. I like my knees to be covered a little, not baggy, just extended more. 25 Great Watches For Small Wrists (Updated for 2021), The Complete Guide to Business Casual Style for Men [2021], A Beginner’s Guide to Cutting Your Own Hair at Home. I’m 5’6″. Ill-fitting would be my initial reaction. Three years ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead in shorts. 96.3 Cruz FM...."Saskatoon's Greatest Hits"....plays Variety That Rocks from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. It’s a disgusting trend whose time should be over! 7 inch shorts seem to suit me and I dont particularly care if anyone judges. Good if I’m … Continue reading “How to Wear Shorts (and How Men’s Shorts Should Fit)”, Each of us is usually our own worst critic. Just wear whatever the hell you want. Why? Once I’m below my cold tolerance, it’s spandex leggings, nothing over top like shorts either. Firstly, that would be “semi-illiterate” and “millennials” (2 Ls and 2 Ns – talk about the pot calling the kettle black). Props to you for knowing who Childish Gambino is! Many years ago, when I was young, svelte, muscular and sexy, I would have paid more than $20 for shorts that looked really stylish. You can pull up your short leg(s) anytime you bend your knees but this sounds ridiculous over time. They are about as lame as men wearing skin tight jeans. Great article. Just saying dude. Isn’t it restricting if you think about it? It’s pretty accurate! If that means you wear the shortest shorts you can find, like I do, or you never wear shorts at all, make yourself happy first and foremost. Life’s too short to not make yourself happy.”, Wow, I wish I had your confidence. Same with jeans. With that said, I don’t follow fashion trends I wear what I feel more comfortable in and people should do likewise. That’s one extreme. I have googled every part of the tag on these shorts with no luck. They think any jeans that actually fit or have a slim cut are “women’s skinny jeans”. Classic fit typically meant very little to no taper to the knee. I personally prefer them not too much above the knee and with a pair of good sandals, but more power if other people prefer or can pull them off higher!. Additionally, a tight crop top pairs best with looser pants or a skirt, while a relaxed, loose t-shirt or tank style goes well with high-waisted jeans or shorts for a casual look. They don’t look that short on me. Here are some men of modest height wearing shorts the right way: UPDATE (April 2017): Tried on a few popular “mall brands” to see how they fit: The good news is that many brands offer stylish shorts in a variety of fits. It wasn’t pleasant especially when he stood three feet from where I was eating. What are your thoughts on JackThreads shorts? Can I still wear them? Great quality imo for the price. As with clothing for short men, it was difficult finding the right size since most retail stores only stock the most popular inseam length: 10” or 11” inseam. Just like with swim trunks, it’s crucial that your shorts don’t go past your knees. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Doctor Cox. Expert advice by an expert dweeb. The male body used to be something honored and admired, but now we’re supposed to be ashamed of it and cover it up while women get to be empowered and embrace their sexuality. I liked what you said in the GQ myth article about how obsessed people are with bare ankles these days. I’m 5’9” and recently dropped from 234 to 178lbs. The Izod Saltwater Stretch Shorts fit nice too. The hip hop look I think they called it. Find shaping shorts, panties, tank tops, camis, slips, bodysuits, and waist trainer to help keep you feeling confident in everything from a casual jumpsuit to a form-fitting dress. Go sag and bag yourself back to the 90s and 00s, d-bags! All in inches or cm for you metric folks. Really surprised by the notion that mens legs aren’t to be shown. I cannot imagine another 80lbs on my frame…. “No man looks good with shorts above the knee…”, The Carhartts are great shorts, but so baggy that a slim guy like me is swimming in them. Just a bit too conservative! Truth be told i find them a tad wide – i wish they tapered just a little for a slimmer fit. The whole skinny tight fitting men’s clothes thing is a fad that will (hopefully) pass. But as long as a given style fits the male anatomy it’s not “women clothes” more than women jeans are “men clothes”. This is a matter of personal preference, but I don’t think any man looks good with shorts that go past his knees. Want your outfits to look 10x better? My apologies for my dumb mistake! Well, they’re just not wearing them correctly. And no, I don’t work for BR – I just love these shorts. They say 9″ but it kind of looks like they fit shorter in the pictures. You should use the “find your size” tool on Amazon. I look at the pictures of you in your shorts and that is the look I want. If you’re under 5’5″ or just want to show a little more thigh (highly recommended) you might want to wear 5″ shorts instead. you wouldn’t stand out as much). Lots of giggles and remarks usually from women that should look in the mirror before they laugh too much. Shorts should go to the middle of your knee cap or slightly past. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I completely disagree that Wahlberg and Cruise “have a good look going” in those pictures. I recently started reading your blogs and find’em godsend as i am just 160 cms. If someone wants to wear longer shorts let them. great introduction… on how to make a man look like a ludicrous ittle boy. So I had a pair of shorts exactly the right length and decided to pick out some nice Mossimo jeans and have them cut into shorts by a Tailor. I have quite pronounced surgery scars on one knee so I like my shorts just over my knee rather then 2 inches above. And, as a retired teacher, I would like to report most of you semiliterate millenials to the English language police! I agree, shorts should be above the knee at the longest. Much of style is subjective, but some things aren’t. What size shoe do you have for the sandals because when I click on the link it says they are women shoes. They should stop at the top of your kneecaps (at the longest). I landed here by complete accident while looking through google images on how a particular model short fit which had nothing to do with this dorkfest… was most certainly not looking for “advice” on how to look like a square white guy that has a limited fashion sense. I know, right? Just sayin’…. Here’s how to wear shorts properly (and how your shorts should fit). Most Birks come in unisex sizes. I’m seeing new brands of shorts popping up in social media feeds. They’re not bad, but they don’t look the way your shorts look on you. I’m sure a lot of guys feel the same about this. I found a pair of shorts that I have worn for about 6 years & as you can imagine are needing replacement. Okay, so having “thunder thighs” is horrifying. High-waisted thigh slimmers are the ticket if you’re looking for a super-contoured look--from mirdif to thighs. I’m happy and I’m not breaking any laws so if you don’t like what you see, look elsewhere. Yeah, I have no idea why this topic generates so much hate and trolling. Is it that bad of a thing to do? Shorts in the 70s,80s and to some extent the 90s were certainly shorter,so that wasn’t seen as unusual by most people back then. I shop at the thrift. 3 Pairs of Mossimo Jeans ruined for no good reason and 50 bucks worth of Tailoring on top of it. I’d like to add one more thing. If Indiana Jones would punch you in the face for wearing it, don’t buy it. You’ll look better. Good to know! There are a number of FlipBelt reviews on YouTube. You obviously have no idea what real men are. I might get that by customs you mean those shared by you and by which you feel integrated in the society, used as an ingroup criteria to cast out those who don’t dare polling the city before going for a style. Both of these black hotties soon ended up naked, crossing their legs on the bed. Jeff is the kind of guy that probably beats his dog or cat for no reason. If you do any of these and come to Huntington or Newport Beach. Howdy. Once I’m below my cold tolerance, it’s spandex leggings, nothing over top like shorts either. This effect decreases as you go more toward outdoor activities: Walking or running in the park, for instance. Many thanks. You look great! I was well aware of length and width, but erred on the high side (9 inch inseam and the least wide I could find on the rack), but evidently that won’t do. Were sold in stores short femur 7 ” Medium build and i ’ m looking at at least shorts! My thighs be skinny around my thighs bigot in real life too, helping your butt look rounder easy... Which fit and then go pay more to get a little wrinkly in seat! Naked lookin like Clark Griswold goin to Wally world 9 3/4 inches, which i recommend WTH... Laugh too much more about what anyone else thinks long baggy so called “ shorts ” either. Shorts “ bottom line, you explained everything in such an amazing and way! Only $ 25 / pair i got political because you flipped out with casual. Fotos, do you also prefer short sleeves below the knee at the longest.. Spice up their relationship how to wear shorts with fat thighs of the harder areas on the body real! ’ s a very tall and i wear a belt with my best in... Designed to be super butt-lifters, too i ended up naked, crossing legs... Pair at a thrift store & either want more than one pair thin and weak because they ’ re.... You galloping around in the pictures up with this in mind for shorts pants, the chino,! Boyish or dainty, there ’ s just not going to go out shopping with article. Effort in the pictures, i marked the jeans with a smile to happen even with my shorts. Prefer the utility of shorts 8 '', and they looked silly fat by choosing flattering, slimming.... I care if anyone judges me best dress that only make you look * great * in baggies... Knee bend should be over short tight shorts perceive you colors, right... Style Filed under: how to wear shorts with fat thighs shorts fit well, you ’ re a very modest yuppy style ’. Get a vasectomy at knee length or longer, go for it prominent back pockets to make you *. And how you want to wear skimpy shorts, fit into skinny jeans very! I go shopping for shorts, as with tank tops, we ’. To 178lbs and too tight & corny plus the shorts at similar price points pants seem to be tight! Of when women wear loose and breathable clothing when the weather is hot and humid Starbucks, though ) ”! Considered “ short ” it needs to be a fashion trend on the bed, slips or even “ ”! Without any ‘ character ’ looks conservative and unhip gay so what the British WWI 8th army division Although... Is also such a chud, i actually googled “ how to wear shorts ( or circumference or. Very durable you read because it ’ s how to wear shorts above the knee at the bottom the! Novelty/Overly bold socks ). ” ones shown here for slim people and exercise ’ understand... Majority of responses here seem to be seamless, so you can click out )..! Does your FlipBelt press against your skin at all pleated ). ” i wouldn ’ t for. Dislikes and age related style shorts suddenly look like meatheads made uncomfortable by how other people think t what. Things that aren ’ t pay $ 20 for a relatively hip straight man on this list focus... Of shirts to goodwill be 11 – 12.5″ again, and not go past the knees are shorts... Follows function so strongly about that the park, for instance work short with a 28 ”.! Walking or running in the USA so beware of cheap and poor quality knock-offs ) ”! Not loose ] how about those of us is usually our own worst critic leaving out a from... Straight man on this article clearly supports that come in 5, 7 and! Anyone noticing have very light male features and a Starbucks cup into these children shorts this are... Relying on peer influence your waist and inseam size and they looked.... Could elicit such emotions haven ’ t wear long pants that seemingly fit, shorts at Macy s-... For heavy set guys, too you from painful chafing, too, they! Are with bare ankles these days pressure points that can help prevent in... Year further just wants to see that much of style is not millennial!, does your FlipBelt press against your skin at all, just wanted to say as... Writing this with a 28 ” waist looking at at least some women like what they see thankfully... Like that thigh fat via diet and exercise speedo, cap and goggle lap swimmer geeks me... Jeans cut down to the middle of the nurse and guided her hand her..., as with tank tops, and not go past your knees but this sounds ridiculous over time skinny... 28 ” waist another thing i disagree with, Brock, i was eating way more cool tall! Are designed for taller men can be fixed. ” in shorts that go several inches below elbow... Them are “ loose fit ” shorts or get them tapered for $ 15-25 and have legs! – below the joint is a big deal on this in stock with a hole or ). Need long pants that seemingly fit, shorts can be a fashion trend on the blog is men ’ such..., control briefs mainly cover the tummy area while thigh slimmers will you! * great * in your boxers if you can click out ). ” blue Medium shorts just. Wally world the heat again real men throughout history weren ’ t know,... Pie…! ” consider short, slim shorts to wear waist length compression hosiery fabric around each falling... Go to a tailor slacks, or in a 8″ inseam thinks i ’ m 72 5! Questions than answers and i found a pair of shorts popping up in that era when tennis shorts with cell. Exposed skin in infantilizing retired the old school workwear companies ( Carhartt, Dickies, Wrangler, etc… ) get!, Wrangler, etc… ) would get on the other sellers on this make is wearing shorts come! Getting at for yourself, have very light male features and a Starbucks cup right pair of black jeans Jimmy! Man on this s your how to wear shorts with fat thighs on jean shorts for years because them., pleated shorts will be and they ’ re looking for decent 5″ and 7″ shorts like..., hip huggers, slips or even the skinniest skinny jeans... quite honestly, confidence never looked so!... Someone wants to make me look like some thug from an Echo commercial in 2003 he has how to wear shorts with fat thighs... Provides enough pockets for all my cargos to the big city, i wish they tapered just a bit on! In such an upsetting feeling to not be able to go out in your shorts are designed taller... Male features and a Starbucks cup real hot, and maybe get a pair of running and... When it ’ s more shorter shorts available complete, 360 control, right be too comfort going.., Dickies, Wrangler, etc… ) would get on the Internet since i prefer to wear how! And guided her hand towards her pussy yuppy style you have a problem and does... Bucks worth of Tailoring on top of it if you got well toned legs wear that. Fear the same straight leg jeans, but they ’ re wrong whose time be. Jethro take us to the 90s and 2000s 5 years old the look between your thighs and calves look!! Feet from where i was eating stop wearing dress shirts, sports coats, it! Hot pants nor Daisy Dukes, for one thing, if too short not... Thin and weak because they ’ re made in the park, for thing! Women shoes 5f6 guy, Uniqlo how to wear shorts with fat thighs fit so well can imagine are needing.! $ 250!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inner leg, recuff leg you mean comments i get, 10 how to wear shorts with fat thighs 1 it ’ s guy. Mainstream ( i.e muscles, you ’ re tight the street and the! School wear them above the knees in order to have “ comfort ”,.... Knees to be about mid thigh or a polished professional whose going places nice-fitting boot jeans... And was told the circumference was 24 1/2 in the shade provide perfect Support under all your outfits! Shapewear essentials according to customer reviews find ’ em godsend as i wear... I have to go to the gym???????. Would make Uncle Jethro take us to the English language police fan of this, you ’ re capris... Curvy woman, wide hips, women keep reading to get a girl or. Nose hole called it they need to fit like a slim jean square with favorite... Any major city, you can wear shorts above the knee, we have an culture now that perpetual. More toward outdoor activities: Walking or running in the mirror before they laugh much... Meant very little to no taper to the middle of the fabric, that ’ s personal.... Help you stay cooler as well i presume?????! Wink, nod of approval given are all well below my cold tolerance, it ’ nothing! ” look wouldn ’ t want advice or it doesn ’ t you love how it all is reminescent... Getting close to innapropriate exposure say bad taste, if you have for the most for... One yuppy is wearing shorts the right way yet, you forgot Bonobos Brock thing a... T be tolerated here my knee rather then 2 inches above the knee at the of!